Jan 22, 2012

The Man and the Beard

For those of you who haven't seen Brandon lately, he's been looking more and more like this guy: 

Today we decided to rid of the excess hair on the face.

Before we began, Brandon wanted to get a picture of the thickness.

Then he trimmed it up all nice.

We started off with a Biker Beard.

Brandon forgot about the mole on his chin and forgot to be cautious. Ouch!

Brandon was feeling ska-licious, so we went for the big chops and mega-soul patch!

All he needs now is his trumpet. 

Not sure what to call this one. Maybe just "The Awesome One". 

Finally... The 'stache. 

Ahh!! He's too sexy! 

Reading a little Bronte.. 

And Dracula! with a nice glass of Chateau Lafitte (1787)
So posh.