Jun 5, 2008


Okay! It's time for this month's addition to my lovely life. It's June! Hooray! Mostly Spring, but everyone calls it a summer month anyway!

I graduated. :) It's over! I still haven't comprehended it.. and i don't think i will until i actually start going to college classes.. which will be in the fall, at SLCC. I don't know what I'm going to study, so I'm going to get my generals done. I've thought about elementary education and art.. and music.

So last Saturday I left for powell for my sr. trip, with a bunch of my friends. That first day there were only ten kids there, which was about a third of all the kids. (I guess 'kids' isn't the best word, but i can't think of another word for what we are.. hehe) We got there around 8 or 9 and we checked out the houseboat.

the houseboat. You might think it's weird that I'm putting this into a new paragraph, but you'll understand once you read it. This houseboat was unlike any other i'd ever seen, and i've seen some pretty incredible houseboats. The owners name was Jeremy Johnson, i believe. He's the cousin of Nate and Adam Ruben.. if you know them. This guy is one of the most interesting guys i've ever met. He's 32 years old and he's a multi-millionaire. This houseboat was HUGE. It was basically a hotel-boat. There were 5 bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms, and one more bathroom besides that. There were 4 levels, including the basement. The basement had a GARAGE. The garage could hold two of those jet boat things.. which we also were able to use. The main level seated 27 people comfortably. There was this giant TV that connected to his iTunes... which was basically the entire iTunes store, movies and music. The second level had a nice sitting area and there was an area where a kitchen was being built.. but wasn't built yet. We kept most of our bags on that level.. and they weren't in the way. haha. The last level was basically for laying out. there were quite a few lounge chairs.. and that's pretty much it. However, he wants to build a helicopter pad.. but he has to reinforce the houseboat so it doesn't crumble when he lands. Which leads me to my next story....

The helicopter. I WENT ON A HELICOPTER RIDE!! IN LAKE POWELL!! Trust me, if you ever have the opportunity to do that, DO NOT pass it up, because it was the most incredible thing i've ever seen or done. We flew over rainbow bridge and landed at hole in the rock.. hiked for a little while, and then flew back to the airport. All the time we listened to 80's music, and it kicked face. I loved it.. and i want my own helicopter some day.. haha.

The rest of the trip was about as normal as it can get when you're staying on a 5 million dollar houseboat. I skiied 3 times, but only the first two were decent. I wakeboarded.. which i'd never done before so i was pretty proud of myself. We tubed, swam, played card games, watched a few movies, and ate. of course. :) Yesterday, as we were headed home, there was a lot of wind, and unfortunately we left before another group, and apparently we made it out in the nick of time, because a rope on the houseboat snapped and the houseboat ended up beached. I'm not sure what will happen to the houseboat, so i'll keep ya posted. The other group had decided to stay another night, so hopefully right about now they're packing up and getting out of there. Another group of people invited them onto their houseboat for the night.

I apologize for not having any pictures of my trip, but I didn't take my camera. I figured anything i wanted pictures of other people would take, which they did. I will have those pictures later, and maybe I'll put a few up.

Oh, one other thing people might find interesting.. David Archuleta came and vacationed with us! Even though it was a sr. trip and he's a junior.. we figured he wouldn't get to go on a sr trip and most of his friends are sr's anyway. He stayed on the houseboat the whole time and never once got in the water. :) What a cool kid. Anyway, here goes my list for this month:

  • I want to keep my room clean!
  • I want to make.. money. haha, for college.
  • I want to work harder on a life plan.. i.e. college, career, mission.. that kind of stuff
  • I want to get better at guitar and piano.

Well, short list this month.. but that's all i've got. Thanks for reading!