Sep 12, 2008

After the Dark Ages..

Alright, so it's been a while since I've made any additions to this loverly page. I should probably change things up, too, but for today we'll just talk about what I've been up to.

I started college about a month ago, but I'm pretty sure SLCC can't be considered diving into the college experience. It seems just like high school except there are 40 year old men that like to brag to me about how drunk they were when they did their homework. (Okay, there's only one of those.. and let me tell you, he's a creeper.) I also started a new job! I'm working at Modest By Design. I thought I'd be loving this job, that it was right up my alley. Unfortunately, I don't like having to learn everything about it, and dealing with ornery mothers or brides is not the most pleasant thing ever. However, I do see myself enjoying it once I get all the procedures and everything down, and once i start to memorize the merch.

Time for a new paragraph! Maddi and I have gone on a couple dates, and I have pictures I was going to put up, but Maddi has my camera, so I'll post those later. On one date, I took Taylor Cox and she took Steve Barton. We went to Noodles and Co. and then we took them to my dad's practice green at the golf course and we attacked each other with paint. We looked so awesome after that that we took many pictures of ourselves and then went to Smith's to watch the reaction people gave us. Generally, it was that of admiration, which was kind of a bummer, to be honest. On another date, Maddi took a boy she knows.. I believe he's in her ward or something. He brought a friend to be my date, and his name was Clint. (Maddi's date was named Ben) We went to Albertson's and bought stuff for dinner, which was homemade mini pizza's. Then we went back to Madder's house and made them and played many games! We played.. Chinese Checkers, Badminton, Rock Band, and Boxers or Briefs. Then we pulled out Maddi's lappy and showed each other hilarious videos. (Mainly Barats and Bereta, but others, too.) They were cool guys, really easy going and funny. Also, though you could tell they didn't want to do some things they did them anyway, and we had a lot of fun. :)

Other than that, not much has been going on. I got my wisdom teeth out a couple weeks ago, and I was puffy and bruised for about a week. I got my new laptop yesterday, and as many of you know, it resulted in the loss of ALL my music, but fortunately my friend Dan gave me a lot of what i had, and more. So I'm happy! It was kind of like Spring Cleaning, where you pull everything out of your dresser (or iPod in this case) and decide what you still wear (or listen to). Also, I joined the University 30th ward.. which is much different than a family ward, so it's also taking some adjusting. I do like it, though. People are hilarious, and i love to make fun of the awkward ones, which probably isn't the best thing a person could do, but at least i get a good laugh out of it. :)

-Clean my room.
-Decide to be happy every day!
-Do my hair crazy a few times.
-Buy some new clothes.
-Eat healthier!

Sorry it's been a while! I'll try to be better at that.