Dec 29, 2009

Inexplicable Love.

I've been thinking about things I love without knowing why they appeal to me so much. I shall call these Things I Love Without Reason or "TILWOR" for short.
TILWOR # 1: Music.
Why is it so amazing?! It's just a bunch of different noises thrown together. Somehow those noises have the ability to connect to our emotions and our souls. I boggles my mind.
TILWOR # 2: Back Scratches.
The words are actually pretty unpleasant, despite how pleasing the actual experience is. Why is it that scratching the back is so much better than scratching anywhere else? (Actually, I have to say I reeeeeally enjoy forearm sctratches... is that weird?)
TILWOR # 3: Bubbletown.
I hope some of the people I associate with have stumbled upon this game and found it as entertaining as I do. It's not even that much fun to play, it's just addicting! I do like the faces that some of the bubble.. head.. things.. make. Yep. Funny.
TILWOR # 4: Peeling off dried up products from the containters they come in (i.e. glue, hairspray, mouse.. etc.)
I don't think I need to expound on this one. it's pretty self-explanatory and I don't know how common it is for somebody to find it entertaining..
Umm.. I have a new idea for posts. The person that leaves a comment with a joke that makes me laugh the hardest gets a post dedicated to them next week. haha. Let the battle for hilarity commence!

Dec 12, 2009

Sometimes I Hate Sarcasm..

Most of the time I love that I live in Utah. It's gorgeous here and we have all different types of weather! This last week or so... I have HATED it. I can't get warm.

This morning my parents left on a Hawaiian cruise.

For one week they will be relaxing, swimming, tanning, surfing, scuba-diving, eating, playing, and basically having the time of their lives.

I do a lot for my parents. I let them borrow my car and laptop sometimes, I tell my dad when he's being annoying so that he doesn't embarrass himself, and sometimes I even clean my room. Even though I do all this, they still don't feel the need to return the favor and they decide to go on a cruise without me! Can you believe it? I mean, even if it is their present to themselves for their 25th wedding anniversary, shouldn't they celebrate it with their children? I mean, they owe that to us, don't they?
*sighhh* I just want to be warm.

(hehe.. just kidding. I'm actually really excited for my parents. Oh, and WEEK LONG PARTY AT MY HOUSE!)