May 29, 2009


I think it's almost time for me to cross off number 16 from my Bucket list. For those of you who haven't memorized it... #16 is "Get Dreadlocks"

Now, let's be realistic. We all know I'm not going to give up on personal hygiene (which, by the way, hardly anyone does when growing dreads). I'll probably only do it for a month or two. Which means I can't go about the traditional methods. I heard Elmer's glue works for Mohawks. Would I be completely retarded to try in on my own head for dreadlocks? If it doesn't work out, I've done my research and it looks like it will wash out fairly easily. Sooo.. opinions, people. I need your opinions. (Okay, I'll be honest. Even if every single person that reads this says I'd be stupid to try it.. I'll probably do it anyway. Woohoo!!)

Oh, and these are the longest dreads in the world (Probably.) No one really knows because apparently there are some religions where you can't let anyone see your dreadlocks.. including your own spouse. Pretty interesting, eh? Oh, and I read somewhere that Samson had dreadlocks.. which isn't really that hard for me to believe! I should go read that story...

Thanks for your time! :D

May 2, 2009

May I?

Hellllllooooooo! (Jerry Seinfeld style)

It's MAY!! Woohooo!!

Today started off with a pretty cool rainstorm.. but I found myself wishing for lightning and thunder.

I think the most exciting thing I can say this month iss.....

In 21 days, this will be me.

I can't even contain my excitement. If you were near me.. you'd be able to hear the smile on my face. It would probably sound something like electricity.

Everyone keeps telling me how nervous they would be if they were in my postition.. but I'm not nervous at all! It's probably due to the fact that I haven't thought much about what I'm actually going to do..

Also, I'm ALMOST DONE with my wall! I'll put up a nice long display of the process. Except it might not be very long.. considering i've only taken a couple pictures.

May is my NO CHOCOLATE month this year. Let me tell you, after one day I'm already struggling. Especially last night at Maddi's party.. there were delicious looking brownies right in front of me.. and the smells coming from those things were glorious. You should all be proud of me, though, because i didn't partake of the goodness. I stuck with the fruit flavored tootsie rolls instead. haha..

Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to say at the moment! Hope you all enjoy yourselves!


  • No chocolate
  • Exercise
  • Scripture Habits.. (I've been lacking in that department.)


I have to thank Christine for this one. She wrote it in a letter to me once, and I loved it.

"No one can have the influence you have been prepared to have on all who come within your sphere of influence. Without question, no one can fulfill your foreordained mission. No one can do what you were sent here to do. No one." --Sheri Dew