Jan 5, 2009

two thousand and nine.

Whoa, Nellie. It's a new year.
I was cleaning out my backpack and thinking about what resolutions i would make... when i found a loverly thing i'd forgotten all about. In health last year, my teacher had us all write lists of 100 things we wanted to do in our lives. I figured that was a good enough resolution. I read through it and giggled a few times.. and i was pleased to find i'd done one or two of the things. Anyway, I'm going to put it up and I hope you all enjoy it.. and maybe even write your own lists. :) Here we go!!! (Oh, and these aren't in any sort of order.. )
  1. Get married.
  2. Have kids
  3. Make someone else's wedding dress.
  4. Take a ballroom class with husband (and possibly with kids)
  5. Get a banana seat bike with a basket
  6. Ride in said basket with a huge prom dress and hubby pedaling in a suit.
  7. Get a black eye
  8. Break a bottle
  9. Hike Mt. Olympus
  10. Run a marathon
  11. Be in a movie
  12. Learn how to say the alphabet backwards
  13. Get an old Beamer and fix it up
  14. Go to Africa
  15. Write a freaking awesome song.
  16. Get dreadlocks
  17. Be a rollercoaster critic
  18. Have an art room in my house
  19. Get (fake) Henna.
  20. Bum-wars! (Ask if you really want to know.)
  21. Invent a non-water shower
  22. Live in Cali or Mexico
  23. Set a world record
  24. Go to prison (not behind bars..)
  25. Make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich
  26. Be in a crew
  27. Find a geode
  28. Be in advertising
  29. Be a photographer
  30. Make a bomb
  31. Umm.. this one's a little personal. hehe..
  32. Skydive
  33. Be on the cover of (any) magazine
  34. Throw a brick through a window
  35. Fire someone
  36. Hit a pedestrian (not... hard..)
  37. Become a ninja
  38. Get past a bouncer
  39. Make a seatbelt belt.
  40. Ride in a helicopter (check!!)
  41. Go to a fashion show in Europe
  42. Perform a song on stage(check!!)
  43. Have a car with a sunroof (check!!)
  44. Spend a day in silence
  45. Learn Italian (fluently)
  46. Learn how to ride a longboard
  47. Have a swing in my home
  48. Hot tub in a snow storm
  49. Donate to/start a charity
  50. Pull awesome pranks on people
  51. Set at least one couple up
  52. Fall in love
  53. Go on a safari
  54. Have a song dedicated to me
  55. (stolen from Walk To remember) Befriend someone I strongly dislike
  56. Shoot the Tube
  57. Roast Mallows in broad daylight
  58. Pretend to be a bum
  59. Play tunes for spare change downtown
  60. Work in a haunted house
  61. Run through a giant field of flowers
  62. Write a book
  63. Ride in a pedal-boat
  64. Save a life
  65. Buy a house with cash.
  66. Make homemade butter (prefferably in a churn-thing)
  67. Build a treehouse
  68. Hunt for UFO's
  69. Wear rainbow eyeshadow for a day
  70. Ride in a hot-air balloon
  71. Befriend someone who's terminal
  72. Learn to cut hair (well)
  73. Air Chair!
  74. Learn to do a standing backflip
  75. Wear only skirts/dresses for a month
  76. Moonwalk like a pro
  77. Convince someone my name is Travis and never tell them the truth
  78. Learn to keep my room clean
  79. Pretend to be a moviestar in public
  80. Own a business
  81. Pull an all-nighter
  82. Learn Sign-language
  83. Work in a preschool
  84. Motivate people!
  85. Fly.
  86. Have a living funeral
  87. Have pizza at my wedding reception
  88. Smile for a whole day :D
  89. Win a contest
  90. Copyright a color
  91. Have a star named after me
  92. Learn Clair de Lune
  93. and Rhapsody in Blue
  94. Get a Hole in One!
  95. Pet a Lion.
  96. Swim in the Azores w/ family
  97. Maky my dad eat an olive
  98. Go a day(at home) without looking in the mirror
  99. Scuba dive
  100. Die. :)

(Umm.. I would do goal time.. but.. yeah.)

Quote Time!

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." -- Jim Rohn


Lindsay said...

loved reading this the other night! and that stinkin journal! You are one entertaining and hilarious girl Celestial... we must play more

kylee-kate said...

this could be a check list for our adventures haha. i def say hike mt olympus. pull awesome pranks on ppl. and for sure SHOOT THE TUBE! oh the fun we will have.. haha

KHathaway said...

You've never pulled an all-nighter? We definitely need to do something about that....