Sep 12, 2009


Apparently there are ghosts in that picture.
It has officially been decided that ghosts now rank 3rd in my list of petrifying things. (Dolls are #1, followed closely by dogs.) Seriously. I can't imagine anything worse than being seen by something you don't know exists. I guess what really scares me are the possiblities of why they exist. What are their intentions? Do they have any? If so, do they involve me?
I had to sleep on Chel's floor last night. I couldn't drive the thoughts of invisible beings leering over me. Finally at about 3:45 I decided to ask my dad for a blessing. I fell asleep in about 15 minutes.
Gracious, I love the gospel. Without it, I'd probably be insane by now.


Larissa said...

The only ghost I want in my life is the HOLY ghost:-) I'm glad you have it in yours!!!!

Kristie Lynne said...

I've had a lot of experiences like that recently. One good thing I can say about it is how greatful I am for the priesthood. I love it. :)

ChelBelle said...

I'm pretty sure it was about 4:45 a.m. ;) Love ya, sis!! We can have a sleep-over anytime you want!