Dec 12, 2009

Sometimes I Hate Sarcasm..

Most of the time I love that I live in Utah. It's gorgeous here and we have all different types of weather! This last week or so... I have HATED it. I can't get warm.

This morning my parents left on a Hawaiian cruise.

For one week they will be relaxing, swimming, tanning, surfing, scuba-diving, eating, playing, and basically having the time of their lives.

I do a lot for my parents. I let them borrow my car and laptop sometimes, I tell my dad when he's being annoying so that he doesn't embarrass himself, and sometimes I even clean my room. Even though I do all this, they still don't feel the need to return the favor and they decide to go on a cruise without me! Can you believe it? I mean, even if it is their present to themselves for their 25th wedding anniversary, shouldn't they celebrate it with their children? I mean, they owe that to us, don't they?
*sighhh* I just want to be warm.

(hehe.. just kidding. I'm actually really excited for my parents. Oh, and WEEK LONG PARTY AT MY HOUSE!)


Christine Frandsen said...

I think we were supposed to keep this on the down low...

KHathaway said...

They were talking about it when I was over there, so I didn't figure it to be much of a DL thing...hahaha. And I am jealous as well Celeste. We should boycott winter and run away to Hawaii or something.