Jan 15, 2009


Alllllrighty. Here's the deal. My dad told me that I could paint a mural on my wall. :) This is something I've always wanted to do, so i'm REALLY excited about it. The only problem is that I'm not sure which picture to use for the main idea... so i need some help deciding! Here are the options: Numba One

Numba Two

Numba 3

Numba 4

Numba 5

Annd.. Sorry to Stacey, but i would crop you and your sista out of Numba 5. hehe. Soo.. let's get some votes on this! Please!

Jan 9, 2009

oh, what a day.

Does anybody else have days in which all you want to do is sing your heart out?
Today is definitely one of those days for me.
Music is the flavor of life. :)

Jan 5, 2009

two thousand and nine.

Whoa, Nellie. It's a new year.
I was cleaning out my backpack and thinking about what resolutions i would make... when i found a loverly thing i'd forgotten all about. In health last year, my teacher had us all write lists of 100 things we wanted to do in our lives. I figured that was a good enough resolution. I read through it and giggled a few times.. and i was pleased to find i'd done one or two of the things. Anyway, I'm going to put it up and I hope you all enjoy it.. and maybe even write your own lists. :) Here we go!!! (Oh, and these aren't in any sort of order.. )
  1. Get married.
  2. Have kids
  3. Make someone else's wedding dress.
  4. Take a ballroom class with husband (and possibly with kids)
  5. Get a banana seat bike with a basket
  6. Ride in said basket with a huge prom dress and hubby pedaling in a suit.
  7. Get a black eye
  8. Break a bottle
  9. Hike Mt. Olympus
  10. Run a marathon
  11. Be in a movie
  12. Learn how to say the alphabet backwards
  13. Get an old Beamer and fix it up
  14. Go to Africa
  15. Write a freaking awesome song.
  16. Get dreadlocks
  17. Be a rollercoaster critic
  18. Have an art room in my house
  19. Get (fake) Henna.
  20. Bum-wars! (Ask if you really want to know.)
  21. Invent a non-water shower
  22. Live in Cali or Mexico
  23. Set a world record
  24. Go to prison (not behind bars..)
  25. Make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich
  26. Be in a crew
  27. Find a geode
  28. Be in advertising
  29. Be a photographer
  30. Make a bomb
  31. Umm.. this one's a little personal. hehe..
  32. Skydive
  33. Be on the cover of (any) magazine
  34. Throw a brick through a window
  35. Fire someone
  36. Hit a pedestrian (not... hard..)
  37. Become a ninja
  38. Get past a bouncer
  39. Make a seatbelt belt.
  40. Ride in a helicopter (check!!)
  41. Go to a fashion show in Europe
  42. Perform a song on stage(check!!)
  43. Have a car with a sunroof (check!!)
  44. Spend a day in silence
  45. Learn Italian (fluently)
  46. Learn how to ride a longboard
  47. Have a swing in my home
  48. Hot tub in a snow storm
  49. Donate to/start a charity
  50. Pull awesome pranks on people
  51. Set at least one couple up
  52. Fall in love
  53. Go on a safari
  54. Have a song dedicated to me
  55. (stolen from Walk To remember) Befriend someone I strongly dislike
  56. Shoot the Tube
  57. Roast Mallows in broad daylight
  58. Pretend to be a bum
  59. Play tunes for spare change downtown
  60. Work in a haunted house
  61. Run through a giant field of flowers
  62. Write a book
  63. Ride in a pedal-boat
  64. Save a life
  65. Buy a house with cash.
  66. Make homemade butter (prefferably in a churn-thing)
  67. Build a treehouse
  68. Hunt for UFO's
  69. Wear rainbow eyeshadow for a day
  70. Ride in a hot-air balloon
  71. Befriend someone who's terminal
  72. Learn to cut hair (well)
  73. Air Chair!
  74. Learn to do a standing backflip
  75. Wear only skirts/dresses for a month
  76. Moonwalk like a pro
  77. Convince someone my name is Travis and never tell them the truth
  78. Learn to keep my room clean
  79. Pretend to be a moviestar in public
  80. Own a business
  81. Pull an all-nighter
  82. Learn Sign-language
  83. Work in a preschool
  84. Motivate people!
  85. Fly.
  86. Have a living funeral
  87. Have pizza at my wedding reception
  88. Smile for a whole day :D
  89. Win a contest
  90. Copyright a color
  91. Have a star named after me
  92. Learn Clair de Lune
  93. and Rhapsody in Blue
  94. Get a Hole in One!
  95. Pet a Lion.
  96. Swim in the Azores w/ family
  97. Maky my dad eat an olive
  98. Go a day(at home) without looking in the mirror
  99. Scuba dive
  100. Die. :)

(Umm.. I would do goal time.. but.. yeah.)

Quote Time!

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." -- Jim Rohn