Sep 19, 2009

Life as of Late

Started at the Lion House. I'm working as a banquet server. Lovin it so far!

I've played at a couple of the Murray football games because Wilson is battling leukemia and their student teacher is clueless. Figure if I can help at all, I should. (If interested in doing a light the night for Wilson, join the group on Facebook.)

(It's creepy how many pictures there are of Murray on the internet because of David.)

Seriously, I will NEVER tire of Arby's. :D

Simple shoes. I've been seriously considering a purchase of them.
Can't rave about this series enough. If you haven't read them yet, GO READ THEM NOW!

Best Oreo's EVER! Love Halloween time for this reason.

and... that's all. :D

Sep 12, 2009


Apparently there are ghosts in that picture.
It has officially been decided that ghosts now rank 3rd in my list of petrifying things. (Dolls are #1, followed closely by dogs.) Seriously. I can't imagine anything worse than being seen by something you don't know exists. I guess what really scares me are the possiblities of why they exist. What are their intentions? Do they have any? If so, do they involve me?
I had to sleep on Chel's floor last night. I couldn't drive the thoughts of invisible beings leering over me. Finally at about 3:45 I decided to ask my dad for a blessing. I fell asleep in about 15 minutes.
Gracious, I love the gospel. Without it, I'd probably be insane by now.