Jul 22, 2010


Am I the only one who's noticed a dramatic increase in bug population recently?! Ew.
At work yesterday there were at LEAST 10 grasshoppers RIGHT outside the door. Some were even on the door and I had to brush them away from the handle to lock it when I left.

Today I was mowing the lawn and was attacked viciously by fire-bugs and moths.

At Lake Powell there were so many spiders I wanted to vomit when I looked at the docks and I was afraid to sit anywhere until I checked for the 8-legged demons.

Come on seagulls, let's see you do something useful.

This is the ceiling of the houseboat slips. Seriously, this made me cringe. I know it's hard to see.. but they were EVERYWHERE!



Christine Frandsen said...

Paul's not going to like this post.. haha

Jon said...

Haha! 8-legged demons...