Dec 3, 2010


I'm the stickler that doesn't listen to Christmas music till after Thanksgiving.
I don't watch Christmas movies anytime other than December.
I don't even do my Christmas shopping till the last minute.

It seems like every year after Christmas I regret all the things I didn't do.
"Oh, I didn't listen to this Christmas album!"
"I forgot about this amazing Christmas movie and now it's too late!"
"I didn't get such-and-such a present!"
(Okay, honestly, I've never really felt bad for not getting somebody a present unless they get me something and I'm unprepared. I just don't like spending money, okay? Here, have a cookie.)

I get so psyched about the Holidays throughout the whole year.. and then when the time comes, I'm rarely in the mood to party-- festive style.

Why wouldn't I?

I think I just need to embrace it. I'll go buy some fancy-shmancy sweaters like the ones old ladies wear. Better yet, I'll make some... and they will have bells and lightbulbs sewn on.

Here's a truly awesome Christmas-esque picture to get me into the spirit of things.

(yeah, I googled "awesome Christmas" to find that.)

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