Oct 24, 2008

Look how good I'm doing!! Two posts within a week of each other! ( I think.. maybe not. ) I have some fantastic news! I don't have to bum rides off my parents anymore! I got a car!!!!!!

Yeah... I got a car. It's a Honda Prelude (obviously). 1991. 185,000 miles. Yess...
My dad says it's only a couple years away from being a classic. I say it already is.
My favorite feature: the sunroof.
I've always wanted a convertible.. but i guess this is good enough for now.

Look, Chris! The hubcaps are in perect condition!
and the antennae goes down!!


Check out my awesome sound system! Obviously, this car is per-fect for me.

Driving... my mom likes to stick her fingers in front of the lens. :)

Ahh... in all it's glory.
and now for the moment you've all been waiting for.
the prelude's name is....

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Lindsay said...

Welcome to the Carruth family Brody...lucky thing. haha
That's an awesome car celeste! Atta girl