Oct 18, 2008

Random Goodness

Alright.. I'm just not too good at keeping up on this little website. I think this one needs some serious pictures.. or people will stop reading! Oh no!! Alright, so let's see what I can pull together.

Remember that date I took Taylor on and Maddi took Steve? If not.. scroll down and read all about it. Well, here are the results...

Maddi's a superb person.. but i can't say the same about her driving. Something about the way she never watches the road is a little terrifying. (just kidding madda-rad!)

I think Taylor was getting a little hungry.

Alright, so resorting to cannibalism might mean that he's more than a little hungry.

Of course, Steve is just happy to be there. Or surprised... i'm not sure which one he was going for.

and there's my excited face. sideways.

I would have taken pictures during the actual battle.. but then i wouldn't have been able to participate! This is the aftermath. I'm pretty sure i got it the worst.

and steve's only a little creepy.

yep. that's my date. he was really happy about the paint on his face. He practically begged me to wipe some more on there!

the madness. She got it pretty bad, too.

and the stevie-b. and maddi. she's just got to steal the spotlight. oh, and a little slice of taylor, too!
yeah... so that was a fun night. I was going to put up the other pictures of the night Eric and I carved pumpkins.. but those are all on Facebook, so you can probably check them out there. Let's see...
I'm not sure what else to talk about! I could always go on a rant about why people bother me.. but I don't want to make myself mad right before I go to bed. That would make for unpleasant dreams.
Oh yeah! I had an awesome flying dream last night. I have them frequently, but this one was better than most. I flew to this crazy place.. I think it was probably the same country as Neverland (unless Neverland IS a country... anyone know?). Anyway.. it was like a mix between Peter Pan and Lord of the Rings. and now for a little math lesson...
I think that's self-explanatory. For those of you who don't know.. I think Peter Pan is the most attractive cartoon character EVER! The one and only reason for that opinion is.. he can fly. I mean, there are other cartoon characters that can fly.. but who fantasizes about flying off into the sunset with Dumbo? Not me. Also, I think his red hair is kind of cool. Plus, he has an awesome life. And he fights pirates.
Anyway.. I wanted to talk a little about dreams, and I'm hoping I get feedback on this. Can anyone else control their dreams? I can, and I love it. That's why I have flying dreams all the time, cause while I'm dreaming I think "I want to fly in this dream" so i start running fast, throw my arms out, and I'm in the air. I'm a little worried that someday I won't be sleeping and I'll try running straight off a cliff or something.. and fall to my death. That would be horrific. Also, my dad says he dreams in black and white. Is that true for anyone else?
Oh, and I think sleepwalking/talking is the CREEPIEST thing ever. Christine will hate me for saying this, but she mumbles a little in her sleep. That's not what freaks me out. I seriously cringe when people speak in complete sentences in their sleep. And I'm pretty sure if I ever saw someone sleepwalking I would scream my head off and run... or pee my pants.
The strange thing is snoring doesn't really bother me. As long as it's not the kind of snoring that sounds like a jackhammer inside my skull, I can fall asleep to it easily. In fact, I find it soothing. haha, does that make me weird?
Alright, so this has been a rambling-type blog. I think that's how the rest of these are going to turn out, cause I'm a big, big fan of ramblers. Unless they talk about stuff I really could care less about.. (i.e. sports.. other people.. etc.) Yep, yep. GOALS!!
  • I will.. be a better friend.
  • I'm going to learn more about being an Entreprenuer. It sounds like my kind of thing.
  • I will work harder to keep my room clean! (I think that's been a goal on every single post.. but I'm really going to do it this time!)
  • I'm going to.. work on my photography and photo editing.

woohoo! It looks like I've got a bright future ahead of me. :) I'm excited to meet my future self.


"So act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world. " -Immanuel Kant

(meaning..before you act, decide what the world would be like if everyone acted the way you plan to. If it would be a better place, then do it!)


Lindsay said...

hahaha this post made me miss you lots. You're the best Celestial! I was ridiculously excited when i saw you updated your blogger goodness. :) I wanna play soon

Christine said...


I just wrote the LONGEST COMMENT EVER! But Paul was signed in- so I went to change it to me. and guess what. THE WHOLE THING GOT DELETED!

I literally took 10 minutes to write this comment.

A synopsis-

You're a hilarious blogger.
(PAUSE! I just sneezed so loud, and tried to hold it in so it sounded ridiculous)
You're funnier than a lady who about a million people read her blog and I was randomly reading it before I read yours.

You're date looked awesome.

I hated it when you snored. You must soothe yourself. Paul hasn't said anything about my sleep talking. He sleeps like a ROCK. and no- I can't control my dreams, but I'm going to try. And I dream in color. But sometimes I have dreams where everything is really dark and can't open my eyes all the way. It's a form of torture I think.

I'm waiting for Paul to finish studying so we can go home (I forgot a key, so I'm locked out without him).

Thanks for reading my stories. I think your entrepenuership interest is sweet. I spelled that wrong but don't want to figure it out.

My fingers are sore from the last HUGE post. So I'll be quiet.

You're awesome.

Christine said...

I forgot to say one more thing. I read this right after I took a test for Comms 300- Media Law and Ethics, and in my test I talked about Kant- and his "categorical imperative" that you talked about. I thought that was pretty crazy!