Jun 13, 2009


Thanks to Larissa for this one. :D www.wordle.net
It's probably one of my new favorites. The possibilities are endless!

Wordle: Luhve.

It takes the words you use on your blog (or in this case.. my myspace. Yeah. I'm cool) and makes the words you use the most often the biggest. I didn't even CHEAT! So.. I feel pretty good right now. Go play around with it! It's a party.


Clestial said...

If you click on it, it's huge. I think my favorite parts are
"shooting someone"
"God conversations"
"Lake Noodles"
"Family Good"
"Arby's Day"
"Definately" (Hey, I was in Jr. High when I wrote that. Cut me some slack, Jack!)

KHathaway said...

I like
"clothing HATE clothes" Hahaha
or "someone stomache"
"feel powell" is definitely an appropriate one. :P
Mine is a lot less fun than yours. I like the the word love is so freaking huge! The biggest ones on mine are concert and now. Lame!!