Aug 1, 2009

August Apples.

Gotta have the sticker on there.

Holy Canoley, it's already August??
Hard to believe, I say.

Goodness Gracious. This past month I have needed to mature a lot.

I keep having the same realization over and over again. It goes like this: "Oh, wow. I'm not as grown-up as I thought I was."
I hate those moments.

Work is slow, so I'm looking for a second job. Woohoo..
I've cut into my savings quite a bit lately. I need to put a lock on my credit card pocket.

I've been low on energy lately, too. It's frustrating to me. I need to start the whole "Apple a day" thing. (Though I probably won't eat an apple every day. It will probably just be something as nutritious as an apple... cause I really don't think eating an apple every day of your life could be healthy. It's the whole "too much of a good thing" arguement. I tried to find a website dedicated to the disadvantages of eating apples, but apparently no one has thought of any yet. Anyway, here are some benefits of eating apples-- Here are directions on HOW to eat apples-- Here are a bunch of quotes about apples-- Here are some things to do in New York (aka the "Big Apple" hehe..)-- and this is a picture of an apple, in case you aren't sure what an apple really is.-- Yeah, I just need to eat healthy.

Uhh.. I can't think of anything else to talk about.. Sorry! I'll post more this month than I did last month. Hurray!

  • Eat healthy.
  • Help around the house a little more.

Quote time!

"I'm not smart, but I like to observe. Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked 'why?'"
-Bernard M. Baruch

"The apple blossom exists to create fruit; when that comes, the petal falls."

1 comment:

Kappyt3 said...

I think it would be too much of a good thing if you had 6 apples a day. With one, you'll be fine.

Also, just the fact that you're thinking "I'm not as mature as I thought I was" shows real maturity. :)