Mar 5, 2010

Slight Disappointment.

I'm obsessed with shakes.
Ice cream in general is AMAZING but nothing compares to the delciousness of a nice sweet, soft shake.
In Jr. High, people would ask me for advice on where to go for the best shakes. I always gave them my top two stops: Take 5 and Arctic Circle.
Oh, the wrethced day when Take 5 went out of business. My warm, thumping heart froze instantaniously when I heard the news, and proceeded to shatter into miniscule pieces.
Fortunately, I still had Arctic Circle. Their magnificent chocolate cookie-dough shake had the ability to locate the tiny pieces of my heart, thaw them out, and squish them back together.

Today my wonderful mother took me and my sister Christine to Arctic Circle and my heart, stomach, and tongue were all anxious to be reunited with their old friend-- chocolate cookie-dough. Being my silly old self, when I ordered I forgot to say "chocolate" so a plain cookie dough shake was on it's way. No big deal, I liked vanilla as much as I like my second-best friend. (haha.. i wonder if anyone will think, "Is that me or [insert name here]?" If so.. don't worry. You're my best friend.) The shake came to me in it's gorgeous, frosted glory.. and I drooled at the sight of the usual dry cookie dough balls on the top. I dug my spoon in to stir the goodness around, and to my immediate disappointment I found a (once again) heart-breaking lack of cookie dough chunks. Instead, there was a pathetic sight of tiny cookie dough pieces mixed into the ice cream. Bitter tears filled my eyes, anger filled my soul, and a frustrated growl escaped my stomach.

No biggie. I'll just have to find a new shake place.
(Wendy's is moving up on the list.. they have great cookie dough "frosty's")



Corrine said...

Celeste I love you!

KHathaway said...

I laugh because at the exact moment I'm reading this, I'm in fact enjoying a fantastic vanilla frosty. One of my favorites. Also, Carl's Jr. has some wretchedly delicious strawberry shakes. You know, if you're into that kind of thing....

Kappyt3 said...

Red Robin - Strawberry.

Are you kidding? That's the best shake on the planet! One part - ice cream. Two parts - awesome.

ChelBelle said...

If you liked Take Five, you should definitely try Iceberg's shakes. They're huge! And yummy.

Zannah said...

Downsizing blows! Especially when that downsizement has something to do with Ice Cream related treats. I feel your pain and I hope that you are able to find a replacement shake spot. And when you do, tell me about it. :-D

Jon said...

I didn't grow up in Murray so I didn't frequent Take 5, but I've been there once and really loved the shake I got. If you're looking for something comparable, try Woody's by my house. My family keeps going back there for the deliciousness they use to make a shake.

kylee-kate said...

Oh take 5... how i miss you. Celeste, this makes me want to go get a shake and have an adventure with you.