May 18, 2010

Learning Style

(Above is the main reason this post came to be. I'm tired, so I may post something really idiotic. Forgive me.)

I'm fairly certain this is me.. depsite the small percentage of people that actually learn that way. There are a few things that aren't true.
For example:
 I don't get antsy and have to move a lot, but I fidget if I'm in the same position for too long.
I'm not extremely comfortable touching others. I guess I just feel like the more reserved I am, the more my physical gestures will mean when I make them.
 I'm not extremely talented sports-wise.. but I'm not awful at them either. If I made more of an effort to be good at them, I'm sure I could.
 I'm not hyperactive. At all.

Other than that, it's spot on.
I doodle in church cause for some reason, it helps me concentrate. I'm sure it doesn't help others very much so I try to refrain.
 I LOVE to read fiction books in which the author tries to teach you something through the story line. I DEFINITELY learn a lot through my emotions.
The ONLY way I've found I can excel at things I want to is by imitating the work of the people I admire. I don't mean copying them exactly, but I have to have some idea of where to begin before I can change the things I dislike (which I usually change because I've seen someone else do it a different way). This is why I'm convinced I would be a poor writer, because everything I'm ever "inspired" to write is because of something I've read. Same thing for songwriting.
Anyway. It's kind of fun to understand yourself better.. soo.. how do you learn best?
By the way.. thanks Jill for making me think about it. You're awesome. :D

p.s. I'm not sure if this is going to be a long-term phase or just something I'm feeling tonight.. but I'm really annoyed by personalities right now. I'm not sure how to explain it.. but I guess I feel like personality shouldn't be an excuse for someone's behavior. At the same time, I know it's a little contradictory to say that because obviously a person will always be themself.. so I guess I'm frustrated by myself, too. I guess the best word for my mood right now is discontent (definitions 2 and 3).


Jill said...

you, my friend, are always welcome :)

Jon said...

Oh my gosh! That's me too! The only things on that list that weren't me are the sports thing (same sentiment as you) and the fact that I'm a really good speller. I gotta think more than 5% of the population has this learning style.