May 10, 2010

Prep Time.

So my dear friend Kylee just did a post about things she wanted to do this summer.
It got me thinking about my Bucket List and the things I've done on it. You'll be happy to know I've accomplished 17/100 things in two years. Oooh. That doesn't look as impressive as I thought it would. Anyway, I decided there are a few I'm going to get done this summer (and maybe fall). Hopefully I'll do more than just these, but we'll see. They are:

9- Hike Mt. Olympus
15- Write a (freaking awesome) song
58- Pretend to be a bum
60- Work in a Haunted House
79- Pretend to be a movie star in public
92- Learn Clair de Lune

If you're interested in joining me on any of those, let me know. :)

Here's a picture to brighten your day.

1 comment:

KHathaway said...

Number 60. I want in. I almost did one last year but I got a job. I have a few friends who worked at haunted houses that I could talk to. I gots da hookups!