Oct 7, 2010


Here's one of those posts I know you all love-- the rambling type.
These are the kinds I tend to write when I have a lot of repeating thoughts that I can't seem to figure out inside my little head. Typing them out and trying to make them understandable for other people helps me a lot.

First order of business is General Conference.
I have to admit, I didn't connect with as many talks as usual this conference. There were one or two that answered questions I had, but the majority of the time I found myself thinking, "This is a great story".
One of the few that did stick out to me was, along with the rest of the world, President Packer's. However, at first I was perplexed at the response it recieved. While I was listening it seemed that it was the talk that was written especially for me. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It was full of love and pleading to make a greater effort to return to the Father in Heaven that loves and created me. For that, I know that Pres. Packer is a prophet, and I stand by whatever he preaches to be truth. I had to listen to it a second time to realize how it could offend those who may believe differently. I understand that it may seem like ignorance. I don't want to debate about it, so please, if you disagree with me, don't post a comment on my blog. I WILL DELETE IT. I'd love to hear your opinion about the matter, so give me a call or shoot me a text. However, if you say anything rude, hurtful, or insulting to MY beliefs, I will discontinue the conversation. 

Secondly, I want to talk about a little realization I've had recently. You know the saying "It's the thought that counts"? Well, I disagree. I've decided that the things that mean the most to me are so impactful because of the effort involved. Whether it be a tighter hug, a little note, or a smile, it makes a world of difference. Imagine hugging someone that you like. Hugging them is pleasant enough, but when the embrace is tightened a little, your heart warms and a smile will appear involuntarily. At least, that's how it is for me.

Third, I want to discuss towel size.
It's ridiculous. When I was little, towels were the right proportion for my body. Why can't they grow at the same rate that I do? I'm tempted to buy a blanket-sized towel. If those don't exist, I'll sew 4 towels together. I want to be encompassed in warmth when I get out of the shower, pool, lake, whatever. I don't want to rub my skin off with a rag and then attempt to cover my body with it.

The fourth order of business is the weather.
I was chatting away with a quite attractive someone about the way Utahns are never pleased with the weather. Naturally there are exceptions.. like me. I love all types of weather. But generally, the public is displeased with whatever the sky decides to do that day. For example, it's been a relatively warm Autumn this summer, and I've only heard one or two positive responses about it. On the other hand, if it were a normal or even slightly chillier than normal Autumn, the world would be utter chaos. People would raid coat stores, they would light houses on fire just to stay warm, etc., etc.. Okay, wait. Maybe not that extreme. BUT there would be a heckuva lot o' complainin round these parts. You can't disagree (or i'll kill you).

Fifth is my hair.
Should I dye it darker? It's been a while.

Sixth is my fam.
I love them. I love them lots and lots. They are the reason I'm so awesome. (seriously.)
With Chris and Paul in NJ on their adventure that's called "Life".. it makes me realize how much I really love 'em. Also, it makes me realize how AWESOME it is that I get to be with them FOREVER AND EVER.

Older picture.. I think it's right after Eric's Homecoming.

That is all.


Christine Frandsen said...

right after Chelsey's homecoming :)

I GLOVE YOU! (at first that was a type but it's too funny to delete, and you're the kind of person that would appreciate it.)

KHathaway said...

This post has much more of your snarky personality than usual. I like it! And I kinda like your hair lighter, but it's your hair, so you'll rock it either way! :D

ChelBelle said...

It couldn't have been after my homecoming, because Eric wasn't home yet.

ChelBelle said...

And Eric's thumb is wrapped, so it's def after he got home and had a chance to play frisbee.