Oct 1, 2010

Myspace Gems

I spent SO much time there.

One of the beauties I found whilst re-visiting my Jr. High life was the following list. It's pretty darned similar to some of the things I write on here. I guess I haven't changed much. I love to think about things I love. 
Heeeeere we go! My Natural Highs (or things that automatically make me feel good) are:

1. Lake Powell.
2. Laughing so hard my stomache hurts.
3. Stars.
4. Playing in the rain.
5. Playing the trumpet
6. Getting mail.
7. Playing music that fits my mood and singing insanely loud along with it.
8. Doing a mass cleaning in my room, only to watch all the clothes and crap pile up again.
9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
10. Layers. Whether on cake or in clothing.
11. Shakes. Only good flavors.
12. Foot massages at Lake Powell.
13. Laughing with my family. Especially those times when none of us can stop. My moms eyes water, my stomache hurts, someone snorts, etc.
14. A deep conversation. Usually about religion, but can be otherwise
15. Trying to comprehend uncomprehensible things.. like eternity.
16. Talking about my siblings. Sorry if it's annoying, but they're my favorites.
17. Painting. Painting clothing, paper, wood, a wall. Whatever.
18. Making someone smile.
19. Reading for a whole day.
20. Cooking. Sewing. All that mom stuff :)
21. Being around a person who, whether joking or not, will never say anything rude to you,or about anyone else.
22. Being called gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, instead of cool, cute, or hot.
23. Waking up early, thinking it's time to get up.. and then realizing i have 3 more hours to sleep.
24. Dressing up in strange outfits and walking somewhere, and then watching peoples reactions.
25. Watching good shows with my family.
26. Wrapping up in a blanket, putting a hood on, and hiding from the world...just for a moment.
27. Arby's and Noodles and Co.
28. Waterskiing!
29. Watching the sunRISE.
30. Learning something i know i'll use.. like.. how to make a really good dessert, etc.
31. Flying Dreams!
32. Hot chocolate.
33. Learning a really hard piece on the piano or trumpet.
34. Swings. This one should be higher up on the list.
35. Climbing Trees.
36. Designing a dress and loving it.
37. My family.
38. Music.
39. The song "Armor of God"
40. Scaring or surprising someone. Also Being Scared or surprised.
41. Singing with the family.
42. Waking up early and feeling wonderful the whole day.
43. Those little crushes that never go away.
44. Thinking/dreaming about the future.
45. Being complimented.
46. Rigoletto, haha, cheesy. i love the music.
47. Back Scratches!
48. Payday!
49. Doodling in a boring class.
50. Smiling at old mistakes, smiling for future possibilities

That was fun. :)
Oh, here's another little blurb. It was under the "Who I'd Like to Meet" section. I guess I took it a little too seriously, but it still resonates with my values in relationships. Here it goes!

Anyone with standards the same as (if not higher than) mine. Anyone who knows what I'm going through, who can share my pain, who can comfort me, and who can help me feel peace. Anyone who can make me feel comfortable with myself, and not make me feel like I need to change to have them as a friend. Anyone I can trust with my deepest, darkest secrets.. (since I have so many.. haha). Anyone who's willing to stick with me through it all, and not just when i'm having good days. Anyone who watches Seinfield, who eats when i eat (haha.. that's a personal pet peeve of mine), who doesn't have to ask if they can have a drink of water, but isn't rude or impolite. Anyone who can tell what I feel by looking at my expressions. Anyone who compliments me when I look hideous. Anyone who simply wants to be my friend for being my friend, not for the social status. Anyone who will let me help them, and in turn can help me.

Just for the sake of entertainment, here's long-haired, copper-top Celeste!

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kell said...

I remember that Celeste! And that list. And Myspace. haa. Such great times. I love your list. Thanks for reminding me of good things!