Jan 5, 2010

and the winner is....

Miss Julie Taylor!!!
Congratulations on being the funniest person alive. Seriously.
If I would have had to guess who of all my friends would make me laugh the hardest, you would have been at the top of my list.
For those of you who don't know Julie, she is the girl you want to marry (if you're a guy, that is).
She's really got it all. Beauty, brains, humor, spirituality, and a work-ethic of a typical Idahoan woman. Every time I see Julie, a smile magically appears on my face. She is THAT awesome.
April 2nd is a pretty cool day. It's Julie's birthday! It's also my birthday! That's fun.
(Please note the date the picture above was taken is only 2 days after April 2nd! That's pretty sweet.)
When Eric and I have our children's version of SNL, Julie will undoubtedly be our first (and frequent) host.


j said...


Julie said...

I am so honored!
I would like to thank my friend Shelly, who made that joke up in college.
That TV show is going to be the coolest ever!
Thanks Celeste! and nice picture that you stole of me :0)

Larissa said...

I want an award! Julie, rightfully the winner of this one...by a mile!!!!