Jan 24, 2010

Just Smile.

I know I've been posting a LOT lately. Sorry if that annoys you. I just HAVE to say..

The last few days I have been SO down and pessimistic about everything. One might call me a "Debbie Downer". It's really been frustrating me because I can't seem to make myself be positive or happy. I've been trying different things to make myself stay uppity, but nothing has been working.

JUST NOW I remembered a post my friend Ellen did on her blog (which you can see here) about smiling.  I thought about how I hadn't laughed as often recently, and thus I hadn't smiled as much. I forced myself to smile. Suddenly my mood has brightened and I feel infinitely better.

Reasons I have to smile:
  • I'm Celeste Carruth. None of you can say that. (Unless you're my distant cousin who's name is Celeste Carruth... if so, why are you reading my blog?)
  • For the most part, I like myself.
  • I have an incredible family. Every single member of my family has unique qualities that I don't think I could live without.
  • I am a member of the only true church on the earth. How lucky am I?!
  • My friends respect my opinions and (generally) have the same standards as me.
  • I'm healthy.
  • I have quite possibly the softest skin on this earth.
  • I live in a free country.
  • I have 2 jobs.
  • I have hope for the future.
  • I have the ability to make myself see things the way I want to see them.
  • I can (and love to) read and write.
  • Despite all my complaints, there's always food in my house (though it's not always Spaghettios..)
  • I'm not an insomniac. I can sleep.
  • I'm talented at several things.
Yep. Life is good.


numberofpi said...

hey I'm also Celeste Carruth. Don't know if we're related or not, but this came up first in a google search; don't think I've looked at this blog before, so this is really random... but it's a good name :)

Clestial said...

haha, no way! who would have guessed that would happen?

numberofpi said...

and actually looking at your profile, I think we are distant cousins...I have a vague memory of meeting my third cousin once removed, with our name at a concert in Logan, Utah, several years ago (maybe 5?). does that sound familiar at all?

Clestial said...

It sure does. haha. You're actually the one I was talking about! That's really, really funny.

numberofpi said...

haha that is way funny ^_^ that's the funniest thing that's happened to me in a really long time.

numberofpi said...

third cousins once removed is what I remember...

Kristie Lynne said...

You keep on blogging as much as you want. It keeps me busy at work. Haha. You're super cool.

kell said...

Dear Celeste. I agree. Keep blogging. :) And also, your Weezer music video of the week just maaade my day. So thank you. That was incredible. Lurve you!!