Jun 3, 2010


Remember Brody? He's my first true lover.
We share a connection deeper than that of person to person... mainly because he doesn't have a brain and I can control him completely.
Well, today I may have ruined our relationship forever. I was just cruising on state street in the right lane, turned my head to the left to check my blind spot, and didn't notice the giant truck in front of me slowing down to turn right. BAM! "Wait," my brain thought, "what just happened?"
I should have taken a picture of the damage, but I was a little flustered. Poor Brody has the car equivalent to a black eye with broken bones all around the eye socket on his left side. The radiator busted and antifreeze poured out like a thin, green blood. The hood bent into a triangle as if Brody were giving me the look that said, "How could you be so careless?" and my soul wanted to scream back "I'm so sorry! You've done nothing but obey me and steal my money!"

Oh well. He needed a new paint job anyway.


Christine Frandsen said...

Poor Brody. Get well soon! (You too.)

Alicia said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you are okay Celeste.

Kyleekate said...

Oh Brody...Oh Celeste. I hope to see you two very soon and in good condition.