Mar 2, 2009

Charm. or March... mixed up.

Happy Green Month!
I like March. I like it for the same reason I like February! It's almost my Birthday!
One month from today, I'll be 19! That's pretty exciting. I'm ready to get out of my teen years.. even though I'm sure I'll miss them later in life.
So tonight Eric, Chelsey, and I are playing in our ward talent show. We're playing the Wedding Song by Colors. We struggled to come up with a name for ourselves.. so we decided on "A Girl, a Guy, and Another Girl." I'm proud to admit.. this was my idea. haha. Unfortunately, I think they decided I'm the "other girl". I can understand, though, which makes it even more sad. I'm playing the djembe, which Jason so proudly pointed out I was pronouncing wrong.
I'm excited though! I get to show off my rhythmic skills and sing at the same time. Woohoo!
I'm going to start painting the wall today. I've drawn the design, which I think is the easy part. I'm really nervous about painting.. cause it's never been my forte. I'm definitely the kind of person that needs an eraser.
I've started to do things that really scare me. It's so exciting! I have played the piano and sung along (loudly) while other people were listening. I'm playing an instrument I can't pronounce on stage. I'm painting my wall! I told Katie I'd go skydiving with her! I'm talking to strangers.. and I'm even starting the conversations! It feels good. I'm very happy.
Also, I've been exercis(z)ing more. (Spelling is more difficult lately.) My mom got the wii fit for Valentines.. and it all started with that. I just want to run, jump, skip, hike.. do everything! That also feels good.
I want to start cooking more often. I want to find my own recipes. I want to learn all my mom's recipes. I want to do more Mom stuff.. like.. cleaning, crafting, serving, cooking, sewing.. etc.. I just want to get better at all those things.
All in all, I'm really happy with who I am right now.. even though there are still things I need to work on. I think if there weren't things to work on, I would be very unhappy. :)
That's all I've got! Have a wonderful day/week/month/year/decade.. etc.
  • Daily Scripture Study
  • More Cooking
  • More Cleaning
  • Smile more!


"You know, when you stop being frightened, time really is on your side. And you can just go on being you. "--J.D. on Scrubs.


Adam Ruben said...

I LOVE the Djembe! Though very hard to pronounce. jem-bee...only not really...kinda weird! haha I think Margetts is to blame why I love it so much. But he certainly left his influence. Did you buy the Djembe?

Stacey Marie said...

i really am leaving my teen years soon... not so stoked about it. i want the next year and a half to go by quick, but at the same time there are things i don't have to worry about now that i will have to later. and those things are things that i just push away from myself. but they will be amazing. hence. this is what i think about all the time. stop thinking. stop thinking.
anyways i'm glad you decided on the most awesome name. and i'm sorry you're the other girl. you'll always be THE girl to me!