Mar 26, 2009

Posting Frenzy

Don't worry, this will be a quick one also. In fact, I was going to wait and post this on my quote time for April, but I just can't keep it to myself. I'm reading "Antsy Does Time" by Neal Shusterman, one of my favorite authors.. because he is constantly writing about moral dilemmas. Anyway, in this book the main character, Antsy, is talking to one of his classmates who decides to tell Antsy he only has 6 months to live. In the following, Antsy is describing what he's always thought about death.

"Option one: It turns out you're less of a miserable person than you thought you were, and you go to heaven.
Option two: You're not quite the wonderful person you thought you were, and you go to the other place that people these days spell with double hockey sticks, which, by the way, doesn't make much sense, because that's the only sport they can't play down there unless they're skating on boiling water instead of ice, but it ain't gonna happen, because all the walk-on-water types'll be up in heaven"

He continues, but that's the most quotable part of the section. Anyway. Good author! My favorite of his so far is "Unwind", but if you're going to read it, be prepared to be a little creeped out. He takes strange situations and tries to make them normal. Actually, he's pro at making them seem normal.. so it will mess with your emotions a little. :) Good times.


KHathaway said...

Funny quote! Hahaha

Adam Ruben said...

Haha! that is pretty sweet. I dont get that hockey stick thing either! they look more like r's... Somebody really must not have researched it much before they coined that phrase.