Mar 24, 2009


Hi again!
I didn't want to post too soon after that last one.. cause I think it was probably my most useful post so far. However, it's been brought to my attention that not all of my followers are LDS! If I ever mention something church-related that you don't understand or want to know more about (i.e. Baptisms for the dead), I would recommend contacting your local LDS missionaries. If you aren't a people person, then I would recommend visiting the following websites: gives some good explanations of our basic beliefs, and can give you more details. Hope I've helped!
p.s. The stake talent show was last night. I think it was the best we've ever played! Right before we played, I was adjusting the mic stand and it smashed the stretchy skin between my thumb and pointer finger.. pretty painful, but I didn't get blood on the drum, and I think I played better! Yay.


j said...

Yeah, you guys were great last night. Way to represent! Also, I've done that thing with a mic stand before, and yes, it sucks.

KHathaway said...

When do you find out if you won???

Clestial said...

This one wasn't a competition. :)