Mar 3, 2009


So, I'd say the Talent show went fairly well...
We made it to the Stake talent show! Hooray!
So.. for those of you who missed it... you have another opportunity to show your support!
And Adam.. Nope! I actually borrowed Richard's.


Christine said...

Dad told me about this yesterday! I'm so proud of you fools.
I loved it at my wedding breakfeast and I want to come hear your play again. When is the stake talent show?

Adam Ruben said...

oo Yay! that's the Djembe that started it all!

Clestial said...

I believe it's the 23rd. Or whatever Monday is closest to that date. And you should all come! It's at our wardhouse or the one just off of state by the BMW of Murray. Hoohah!!

Stacey Marie said...

maybe i wont be teaching by then and i can see it!